Tracking Rfid

Tracking Rfid

For a company’s survival in an ever-competitive business world, there is a need for proper control and total dominance of every aspect of the business to keep it working as a unit.

The management of the inventory of a company is a determining factor on the profit and loss margin, therefore, effective management will tilt the business health to the profitable end. One way to ensure proper management of the inventory of a company is through the use of RFID Tags.

RFID Technology

A trending technology that has provided a diverse solution to the management of inventory and tracking of assets in a company is the RFID. They possess several features that make them ideal for individuals and companies tracking need

The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a device controlled by radio waves, the RFID tags communicate with a reader device that accesses the information and data, making them available for the users.

The Use Of RFID Technology

The advantages of using RFID technology have proven to be countless. Here is a list of some of its uses 

  1. Data collection is automatically done which reduces the need for human effort and errors
  2. They have a no-line-of-sight feature which simply means data can be scanned from a distance and accessed remotely 
  3. Efficiency is increased they can capture multiple information at once, making it a no-brainer for stocktaking in warehouse management 
  4. Assets can be matched against their known locations enabling recording to be made to know whether they are missing, present, or moved to a different section.

5 . Employees in an organization can be tracked effectively, assets and products location can be known, to have an idea of their current state from the production phase to the supply phase.

  1. RFID technology is a reliable security measure placed in and around the facility to detect uncharacteristic movement which triggers an alarm system 

Enasys RFID Asset Tracking 

Enasys, is a tech-based company, located just east of the rocky mountains in Colorado, with high-level experience in the field of technological innovations especially in the production of RFID asset tracking, to help cater for the need to save organizational time, money and lessen frustration.

Our Services

We are a company that produces one of the most sophisticated technologies in improving how inventory management is carried out, we also produce custom-made RFID tags for the specific needs of clients. Some of our services include 

  1. Customized Software

Individuals or groups that see the need for a different kind of RFID tag to be able to suit specific needs can find satisfaction with us

  1. Installation Services

We go as far as making Installation services for clients, on the surfaces or objects they went the devices placed on and how the information can be projected on other platforms like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Net Suite, Sage, SAP etc. 

  1. Customer Support

Our customers are our priority, creating a platform for satisfaction through technological innovations are what we do, customer relationships are paramount and we have a knowledgeable team of representatives to attend to every inquiry.

Improvements in technology are a constant occurrence as various innovations are put into place daily, it is therefore important for individuals and organizations to subscribe to these innovations to lead a quality life and business.

Our cloud-based RFID asset tracking is an avenue to create a quality way to work especially in business, don’t be left behind, click here to get started!

Tracking Rfid



Tracking Rfid

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